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Splitters & Skivers

Working much like a wood plainer skiving leather allows it to fold over and be the same thickness as the original leather.

  • Safety Skiver

    Safety Skiver Beveler With Blade 3001-00

    Safety Skiver Beveler With Blade       This item 3001-00 is shaped so it skives leather easily and smoothly without cutting too deeply. One blade is included with this beveler. Extra replacement blades are available in the ten...

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  • Super Heavy Duty Skiver W/ Blade 3025-00

    Leather Skiver and Plainer with 3 Blade 3025-00

    This brand new Skiver is used for thinning or plainer of leather for example on belt straps where it folds over. This item 3025-00 features a contoured handle for a professional grip and easy blade replacement. It gives a 1" (2.5 cm) skive or working...

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  • Leather Strip and Strap Cutter  Side Leather Strip and Strap Cutter  Carton

    Leather Strip and Strap Craftool Cutter 3080-00

     Cross bar is marked in inches and centimeters for ease in cutting straps up to 4" or 10 cm wide. Has two cross bars that holds any thickness of leather allowing for a perfect professional cut every time. 1 blade is included and replacement...

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  • Leather Splitter

    Craftool High-Tech Leather Splitter 3790-00

        You are looking at one brand new Tandy Leather Craftool High-Tech Leather Splitter. This item 3790-00 is an economical way to split your own leather. This machine adjusts precisely and cuts consistently with the 4-3/4" blade that can...

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