Pick Out the Right Leather Sewing Machine

Pick Out the Right Leather Sewing Machine

13th Feb 2018

Sewing leather is very different from sewing fabric. Leather is tougher and thicker than almost any fabric or material that might be sewn. Light-weight sewing machines are no match for heavy-duty leather. At the very minimum, the needle on your sewing machine may need to be replaced with a needle that can handle leather. If you plan on doing a lot of sewing of leather on a machine, you might want to consider buying a sewing machine that is specifically designed to sew leather or heavy-duty materials. Consider the following factors to pick out one that you will be happy with for years of crafting.

Determine Your Needs

Your first step is to figure out what you need from your machine. What kind of projects will you be working on? How thick is the leather you plan to work with? What features are you looking for in your machine? Knowing your needs and the types of future projects will help you evaluate potential machines and eliminate some that do not meet your requirements.

Domestic or Industrial?

Once you know what you need your machine to do, you can start looking at specific features of specific machines. One decision that you need to make right away is whether you want a domestic machine or an industrial machine. In general, industrial machine can handle heavy-duty, thicker leather pieces. On the other hand, domestic (also called residential) machines can often handle lighter or thinner pieces of leather.

Construction of the Machine

You also want to look at the construction of the machine. Those made of metal are usually more durable and able to handle thicker leather. You want to make sure that the needle is strong enough to sew leather and that the machine will accommodate the types of thread that you will want to use on your project. You also want to verify that the motor strength will be adequate for your needs and the drive system will work for the kind of projects you anticipate using it for.

Personal Considerations

Finally, as you consider making this major purchase, you’ll want to think about whether the machine you choose will fit in your lifestyle and space constraints. You’ll want to think about whether portability is a necessity for your situation. Some machines may be rather heavy and hard to move. You should also research the extent of upkeep required for a machine you are considering. Some machine may require some regular maintenance (such as oiling) to keep it in good working condition.

A good machine that can sew leather is certainly an investment. You’ll want to do research into any particular model you consider. Having the right machine for your leather projects will enable you to work faster, with more precision, and with less frustration. Visit StecksStore.com to see our selection of high-quality machines.