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Rescued Treasure: Reusing Leather for Crafts

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Leather is one of those materials that never really goes out of style. As fashion fads come and go, leather remains a fabric that is stands the test of time. Not only is it durable, but it also has a timeless quality that makes it a favorite for many. Yet while leather itself may still be popular year after year, fashion styles definitely change. That leather purse that you bought in 1984 probably won’t still look as trendy as it did when you bought it. But if the leather is still in good shape, why not repurpose the leather for crafts that are more to your tastes in 2017? Keep reading for 3 good reasons to consider reusing leather.

Leather Ages Well

One of the reasons that consumers are drawn to leather is its reputation for durability. That leather jacket from your high school years is likely still in good shape. In fact, many will say that leather actually gets better with age. Many leather lovers prefer the sought-after patina of aged leather over the less seasoned appearance of new leather. So why get rid of your leather attire or accessories just when they are looking good?

Leather is Readily Available

Since leather has been popular for so many years, you can find it nearly everywhere. From your bedroom closet to your living room, it is likely that you have quite a few pieces made from leather. Belts, purses, skirts, luggage, and even furniture are commonly made from leather. If you’re considering purging some of these items due to your changing tastes, you really should consider repurposing them for your next leatherworking project. On the other hand, if you have a creative idea for a project but don’t have the leather needed for it, you might want to try a local thrift store and rescue someone else’s discarded leather items.

Leather Doesn’t Belong in a Landfill

As you can see, reusing leather is a great idea for you – but it is also a great idea for the environment. When you rescue a piece of leather from the trash pile, you are reducing the waste material that requires treatment and management. And after all, if it still looks good, leather belongs on your body or in your home rather than in a landfill.

I hope that this blog has started you thinking about how you can reuse leather for your next project. If you are looking for possible project ideas, you’ll want to check in with this blog regularly. We will try to pass on thoughts to spark your own creativity as well as tips to help you finish out your leathercraft projects with flare.

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