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​Ways to Express Your Personal Style in Your Leather Project

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One of the joys of crafting of any type is the freedom to express your personal style in your creation. It’s no different for leathercrafting. From design to the finishing touches, there are many ways to make your project uniquely yours. Here are just a few. Many of these can be done with an original design or even using a kit or pattern.

Make a Splash with Color

The vibrant colors around us have such power to draw our attention. Often our first impression of an item of clothing or decor is highly influenced by its color. Some people love bright colors like red, purple, or teal. Others are drawn to the more subtle shades of black, brown, or tan. Either way, the addition of color to your project can give you a chance to express your tastes. StecksStore has a wide variety of products that allow you to color your project as you choose. We carry dyes and paints in a wide variety of colors as well as products to prep or finish your leather when coloring to achieve optimal results.

Make an Impression with Stamps

While a plain piece of leather has a beauty on its own, sometimes you may want to add interest by stamping images onto the leather. This is a traditional practice which gives you the ability to take the most basic projects and easily make them reflect your own personality. With a wide range of size, shape, and subject, stamps allow you to make a big impression without a large investment of money, time, or effort. StecksStore offers stamps ranging from geometric patterns to objects of nature to alphanumeric characters. Explore our selection to find the right one for your next project.

Add Character with Hardware

Leatherwork projects often require the use of hardware for functionality. But just because hardware is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish as well. When adding pieces like buckles, screws, rivets, clips, snaps, and clasps, you can select those individual items that express your personal style. StecksStore carries a large array of these items. You can choose from pieces of brass, copper, silver, nickle, or black and range from traditional to antique to more modern. Some even feature designs or shapes that may appeal to you. Our selection of spots and spikes allows you to add even more color and originality to your project. With a variety of rhinestones, turquois, and other eye-catching materials, you can transform a basic project into something unique!

Add Style with Stitching

Like hardware, stitching may be required for some projects. Yet even when required, you can still make it an opportunity to add your own flare. You’ll need to decide whether you will be hand-stitching or using a machine. In addition, you can also decide what type of thread or lacing you will use. At StecksStore, we have a variety of stitching products to fit your varied needs. Whether you are looking for something more tradition or contemporary, we provide lacing and thread in different styles, thicknesses, and colors. Sometimes your project will dictate some of these decisions and other times you’ll have more freedom to choose what you like. Either way, get ideas for the perfect stitching for your project by browsing the StecksStore website.

I hope this has given you some ideas for expressing yourself in your next leather project. Now let your imagination run wild and see what you can create!

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