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Mallets & Handtools

Mallets differ in weight. The 11 - 14 ounce mallets are good for stamping and a heavier 20 ounce or more mallet is best for punching. To light a mallet and it will bounce off the leather craft tool your striking.

  • Multi-Size Wood Slicker

    Tandy Leather Multi-Size Wood Slicker 8121-00

    Multi-Size Wood Slicker You are looking at one brand new Multi-Size Wood Slicker. This item 8121-00 works well on small curved areas that are hard to get to. This slicker gives you four width choices and has an elongated handle to simplify your...

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  • Wooden Mallet Wooden Mallet in Package

    Light Weight Economy Wooden Mallet 3446-00

    You are looking at one brand new Tandy Leathercraft Light Weight Economical Mallet. This item 3446-00 is great to started with in leather crafting due to its delicate touch and economy pricing.There are various other leather craft kits, tools, stamps and...

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  • Stamping Mallet Medium 2 Stamping Mallet Medium

    Polymer Head Stamping Mallet Medium 3301-03

    Polymer Head Stamping Mallet Medium You are looking at one brand new Tandy Leathercraft Polymer Head Medium Mallet. This item 3301-03 gives you faster and easier stamping due to the minimal bounce from the polymer head. The polymer head also will not...

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  • Wood Slicker Double Groove 8121-02 by Tandy Leather

    Wood Slicker Double Groove 8121-02

    Add a professional look to your projects. These 2" (51 mm) diameter slickers are amazing tools for burnishing a smooth polished edge to your projects. Works great for belts and lighter weight projects. Use by hand or adapt to an electric drill for faster...

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  • Adjustable Groover Replacement Blade 8075-00

     Adjustable Groover Replacement Blade You are looking at one brand new Craftool Adjustable Groover Replacement Blade. This item 8075-00 fits Tandy Leather Craftool Adjustable Groover #8074-00. If you are interested in additional quantities or other...

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  • Wing Divider Osborne Full Wing Divider Osborne Back

    Wing Divider by C.S. Osborne 106-8 12" Opening

    You are looking at C.S. Osborne famous 8" Wing Divider. Every detail has been added to this steel and polished tool. The nuts on the wings are steel. Washers are of steel. The points are carefully hardened and every care is taken with the threads of the...

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  • Rawhide Mallet Large 3300-04

    Rawhide Mallet Large            You are looking at a brand new Tandy Leathercraft Rawhide Mallet. This item 3300-04 is a large Water Buffalo Rawhide Mallet with a contour handle. Head size is 3-1/4" x...

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  • Craftool Poly Maul Front Craftool Poly Maul

    Craftool Poly Maul 3302-00 by Tandy Leather

    This tapered poly mallet is a terrific choice for use with our line of punches and stamping tools, providing years of service and enjoyment. The durable poly head has a minimal bounce for a pleasurable experience with every use. The contoured handle...

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