Saddle Stitching: An Essential Skill for Leathercrafters

Saddle Stitching: An Essential Skill for Leathercrafters

13th Mar 2018

Many leather projects require some kind of sewing – either by machine or by hand. Using a machine to sew leather can sometimes make your project easier and perhaps faster in the right circumstances. However, there are good reasons to consider stitching by hand. And if you do, you will probably want to use the saddle stitch. This popular stitch offers a range of benefits and is rather easy to execute.

Benefits of the Saddle Stitch

A saddle stitch creates seam that is extremely durable, much more so than a machine stitch. Sewing machines often utilize a lock stitch, which creates stress on the thread at the point where the two threads interlock. Saddle stitching, on the other hand, creates a double row of stitches without creating stress on the thread. Furthermore, even if the thread breaks in a saddle stitch, the stitch will hold nevertheless. Hence, leather items that are sewn with a saddle stitch are usually of a better quality and will generally last longer and hold up better than a machine-sewn item.

Materials Needed for Saddle Stitch

If you’ve decided to use a saddle stitch for your next leathercraft project, then you need to make sure you have the materials you need including

  • Two sturdy needles suitable to use on leather.
  • Waxed thread.
  • Groover, awl, or punch to punch holes prior to stitching.
  • Stitching pony. (This item is optional but it makes stitching much easier.)

Learning How to Saddle Stitch

Now you’re ready to get started. As with many physical tasks, saddle stitching is easier to demonstrate than it is to describe. Luckily, the internet has made it possible for you to watch knowledgeable crafters share their skills, including saddle stitch. You can learn how to saddle stitch by visiting any number of websites, including this one gives you saddle stitch instructions via a video and this one that uses pictures to demonstrate the skill. Saddle stitching is not difficult, but like any skill, it does take some practice. So be patient with yourself as you to become more proficient.

The saddle stitch is an indispensable skill for the serious leathercrafter. Knowing how to saddle stitch will give you the ability to produce a greater variety of projects and to make leather items of a better quality. Saddle stitching is a great skill to have under your belt.