About Us

About StecksStore

 We at StecksStore have been offering leather craft tools and supplies since 2005. StecksStore has always been a family business.  It began when I was a little boy using my Grandfather’s tools, but as I grew up I got busy and stopped crafting for a while. But then later on in life when my son began 4-H, at ten-years-old, we went to buy him a kit.

One thing led to another and it rekindled my interest in leather work. My late wife and I started leather crafting again, originally as a hobby, and then it grew into a business as well.

Time has passed, and now my son is an EMT and my daughter and I run the business full-time together.

Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the finest quality leather craft tools and items at prices they can afford.

We have assembled a collection of leather tools, accessories, stamps, dyes, stencils, kits, and much more so you can find everything you may need to build a leather craft workshop from scratch, replenish supplies for an existing establishment, or simply buy a few items for your next project.

Please check back often as we regularly update our inventory and are consistently adding new sale items and making new promotions! 

You can also check out our blog, as we update it often with shopping guides (especially during the Holidays!), tips, and DIY project ideas.

If you have any questions we can be reached by email at bruces@stecksstore.com  by phone 1-317-617-8923 or you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We love to hear from you and value all feedback.

Thank you again for shopping with StecksStore.