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Leather Gun Holster and Gun Belt Kits

  • Plastic Slide With Line 24 Snap

    Plastic Slide With Line 24 Snap 1270-00

    You are looking at 1 brand new Tandy Leather plastic slide Line 24 holster snap. This item 1270-00 has a nickel plated finish line 24 snap socket that is already placed into the plastic. It fits a 3/4" wide strap through its plastic slide to secure...

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  • Bullseye Holster Small 44455-00

    Small - Fits most small automatics. The growing interest in handgun ownership has created a growing demand for holsters designed to comfortably carry a weapon. The Bullseye Concealed Auto Holster Kits will help fill that need. Cut from premium 6 to 7 oz...

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