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Leather is hard to cut. These shears will glide threw leather. They can be sharpened with a oil stone.

  • Super Leather Shears Super Leather Shears

    Craftool Pro Super Leather Shears 3050-00

    Craftool Pro Super Shears You are looking at a brand new Tandy Craftool Pro Super Shears. This item 3050-00 will cut through the thickest leather easily because of its precision razor sharp edges. The quality of these shears is of the finest and will...

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  • Sure Grip Shears New

    Steel Sure Grip Shears New 3048-00

    Tandy Leather Craftool Sure Grip Steel Shears You are looking at one brand new Tandy Leather Craftool Sure Grip Heavy Duty Steel Shears. This item 3048-00 have sharp, serrated edges with easy vinyl grip handles. They are constructed to evenly and easily...

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