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Round knifes are as versatile and great for skiving and cutting leather strips. Swivel knifes are the second part of carving designs.

  • Utility Knife Replacement Blades

    Utility Knife Replacement Blades 3061-00

    Utility Knife Replacement Blades     You are looking at a brand new Tandy package of five replacement blades. This item 3061-00 comes five in a package and is used in the table top lace cutter and item 3953-00 angled utility knife. Please...

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  • Easy Grip Safety Rotary Cutter 3042-00

    Easy Grip Safety Rotary Cutter 3042-00

               You are looking at one brand new Tandy Leather Easy Grip Rotary Cutter. This item 3042-00 features a contoured handle with a soft comfortable handle. This cutter comes with an adjustable safety...

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  • Craftsman Trimming Knife

    Craftsman Trimming Knife

    This is the most comfortable knife and easy to control, fits in the palm of a hand. Great when trimming and cutting leather, trimming thread, cutting patterns and more. The handle is walnut and the brass furl is corrosion free. One straight blade...

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  • Al Stohlman Straight Trim Knife w/Handle 35013-00

    Straight Trim Knife with Handle 35013-00

    You are looking at one brand new Al Stohlman Brand Straight Trim Knife with a 4 inch (10.2 centimeters) contoured solid brass bolster hardwood handle. This item 35013-00 is great for cutting and skiving any type of leather work. This knife has a...

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