How to Dye Leather in 5 Easy Steps

3rd Dec 2014

StecksStore has a big supply of Fiebings Leather Dye (in a variety of colors and sizes) so we’ve decided to put together a blog post on how to dye leather, since it’s a question we often get from our customers.

We’ve broken it into 5 easy-to-follow steps! Check it out below!

1.) CleanHow to Clean Leather Dye

You’ll first want to clean your leather of any type of oils or dirt, we recommend using Fiebing’s Deglazer, since it’s not only good for cleaning your leather but also for removing any previous dye. You can apply the deglazer by rubbing it in using either a clean rag or a strong paper towel.

2.) Moisten

Many leather working experts suggest spraying the surface of your leather with water before dying it, because this will help open the pores of the leather which will help it to absorb the dye more evenly. But remember that this step says “moisten” and not “drench” or “soak”!

3.) Dye

The next step is to apply the Fiebing’s Dye (one bottle will cover about 4 square feet of leather). We recommend using a How to Dye Leatherwool dauber or even a round brush. Some people recommend shaking the dye before you apply it to make sure solution is mixed well. Apply the dye moving your brush in a circular motion, working the dye into the pores of the leather. Also,

be sure that your room is well ventilated because all of these chemicals are very strong (as is the scent!).

4.) Wait

It’s usually about an hour or two of waiting before the leather dries, and you can check the color. Sometimes dying leather will take a few applications before you get the color you were hoping for. So, this isn’t a process you can rush through.

5.) Seal

The last step is to seal the new dye. We recommend using Fiebings Acrylic Resolene (other great sealers are Bag Kote and Tan Kote), since it’s waterproof (plus, it doesn’t rub off on you while working with it!) This resolene adds a semi-shine to your leather. Be sure to carefully read the instructions for whichever sealant or finishing spray you’re using to make sure you wait the appropriate drying time and apply it correctly.

How to Seal Leather

Feel free to leave us a comment with your own tips & suggestions for dying leather!